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360 International engineers design the building around you application. Our custom MCC buildings are designed to work with your external equipment, while meeting or exceeding all existing codes and specifications for the project. We build all three phases of an electrical generation project: generator packages, switch gear, and MCC buildings. Your custom building will work with all other components. ​

Land or Offshore

(with or without crew accomodations)

Available in 50 or 60 HZ

MCC Building Gallery

Additional Information:

  • MCC buildings designed as an integrated power-generating system along with the generator package and switchgear. 

  • Our MCC buildings are built to customer specifications, or engineered by us to meet your application.

  • Crew quarters or office space can be included along with appropriate plumbing and accommodations.

  • Low and medium voltages.

  • Meet all applicable electrical and construction codes. 

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