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360 International's partners have been designing and building gas compressors and VRUs since 1990. They have brought this knowledge and expertise to 360's designs. These designs include electric and natural gas drivers, for methane/flare gas recovery and well-head compression and boosting. Capable of new designs and/or refurbishing of units to meet land or offshore requirements. 

Class 1, Div. II & Non-classified

Ranging from small hp VRU's to large single and multi stage units.

Available in electric motor or engine driven 

Gas Compression & Vapor Recovery Gallery

Additional Information:

  • Vapor recovery units

  • Flare gas recovery

  • Field and fuel gas boosting.

  • Small well-head compression

  • Land and offshore

  • Suction: vacuum to 30 psig for VRUs

  • Discharge up to 200psig for VRUs

  • 5HP to 100HP

  • Electric or natural gas drivers

  • Built to B-31.3, ASME, Class I Div. 2

  • Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

  • Small footprint designs

  • Automatic regeneration

  • Auto start and stop

  • Optional PLC controls

  • Oxygen sensors for corrosion and explosion prevention

  • Land and offshore

  • Electric or natural gas drivers

  • Built to B-31.3, ASME, API 618, Class I Div. 2

  • External Bridles 

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