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360 International is an OEM distributor for Marathon motors and generators. We are also an OEM provider of KATO generators for high spec and large packages.

Class 1, Div. II & Non-classified

Ranging from 25kW to 25MW

Available in 50 or 60 HZ

Electric Motors & Generators

Additional Information for Generators:



  • Standard mush wound coils

  • Standard enamel paint from manufacturer

  • 105 degree C rise coils

  • Standard connection boxes

  • Form wound coils 

  • VPI insulation

  • Three coat epoxy paint system 

  • Overall epoxy on coils

  • 80 degree C rise coils

  • Over-sized connection boxes

  • Terminal connector stand offs and/or bus assemblies

  • Class I Div. 2 space heaters

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